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About Us

About Us

Our Mission. Our Values.

Our vision is “to support, empower and setup athletes personal brand for ongoing success pre, during and post career.”

Sam Mutimer has been a leader in the social media and marketing space since launching her original business Thinktank Social in 2008. As a former England rugby representative, Sam was saddened and frustrated by the increasing struggles professional athletes are facing as they transition into post-career, specifically with regards to the off-field identity and future earning opportunity.

Thus, Thinktank Scout was created. We have a dedicated and passionate team that are as diverse as they are experienced. The one thing that drives us in common is the desire to improve the potential and outcomes for every stakeholder we represent.

Our focus is the athlete, providing them with the knowledge, skills and tools to grow and leverage their loyal online following via relevant, sustainable and profitable brand and corporate partnerships. In keeping with this, the values that drive our decision making and actions are;

  • Respect and Courtesy
  • Dependability and Reliability
  • Positivity and Enthusiasm

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