Lydia Lassila

    Born: 17 January, 1982


    Current home town: Lorne, Victoria – Australia


    Sport: Aerial Skiing


    Turned Pro: 2001


    Team/club/representative: Australian Olympic Team


    Major career achievements: 2010 Olympic Gold, 2014 Olympic Bronze


    Passions outside sport: Surfing, food, travel


    Current brand partners: Bolle, Suzuki, Channel 7, Lululemon


    Sporting hero: Roger Federer, Serena Williams…there are so many past and present


    If I wasn’t an athlete, I would be…: Can’t imagine that but I’d probably be an orthopaedic surgeon.


    A mum, professional athlete, business woman, public speaker and mentor Lydia continues to push for greatness in all aspects of her life. A world record holder, a gold medal winner at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, and the only woman EVER to execute a quad-twisting triple

    somersault Lydia is a woman on a mission. Stepping up and dominating for a chance at Olympic Gold is what sets Lydia apart from the rest in Freestyle aerial skiing.

    Raising the profile of this high-risk sport was the reasoning behind her driving her passion into a recent documentary project about her life and professional achievements – The Will To Fly.

    Her success in her field has come at a price of many injuries. Her shattered knee as a result of a crash at the 2006 Torino Olympics where she was classed as the favourite for gold. Knee reconstruction is no joke and making a ‘come back’ from the trauma is where Lydia pushed herself to achieve greatness through her determination and motivation – she questioned herself

    daily “How far am I prepared to go for what I want?” This empowering question forms and propels the woman you see today.