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We delve deeper than most when it comes to getting to know what makes our athletes tick. Via an in depth ‘on-boarding’ session we establish what success for an athlete looks like post career, where their interests lie and what they hope to pursue in life after that inevitable final siren. It is then a case of reverse engineering those goals to determine what the next actionable items are, and develop a social media strategy to align with relevant partners and brands to not only enhance the current day income and profile, but set the foundations for a long term relationship.

We are not player managers, and don’t intend to compete with them. In fact, we complement and add value to player manager services due to our expertise, resources and willingness to go the extra mile for their client in a field that requires all of those attributes. We actively source, negotiate and activate relevant sponsorships for athletes based on their social media channels and implement creative campaign ideas providing the athlete and brand maximum value.

To aid with this and with an eye on the future, we provide training, tips and tools to our athletes to build and leverage their personal brand, online community and social currency without losing sight of what is vital right now, being their sporting performance and most importantly individual integrity.

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