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Whether you are an individual athlete or part of a team, Thinktank Scout can provide an end to end social and digital solution to your needs. We understand that to some the idea of putting yourself out there can be a challenging one, so regardless of your budget we have a program, or workshop series ready for you our your team/club.

From basic social media training to help you properly set-up your channels, to amplifying those channels, setting social strategies in line with your goals and understanding campaign building and analytics we can help you every step of the way.

We don’t expect you to be experts, that’s why we’re here. After all you’re busy enough being an elite athlete – so let’s sit down, talk through your goals and options then decide together the best plan to maximise your potential.

Our Services


Introducing the Thinktank Scout introductory package. The premise is that we charge a minimal amount to get you set-up and started with some key assets, a social media tool-kit and some handy tips of the trade. We then work on a commission only on what we bring in brand/partner deal wise in alignment with your values and goals. We’re transparent and realistic, as sometimes the focus needs to be on increasing your community before we start talking deals. Either way, it means minimum risk as we work even harder because we only succeed if you do!


We need to get to know you outside of sport. Together we will go through what is important to you now, but more importantly what success looks like to you post career – then determine some short term actions to set you on the right path.


You may know how many people follow you, but do you know who they are, where they are from and what content they engage with? We research your channels and discover the make-up of your audience and determine next moves.


Brands and prospective partners are increasingly aware of their target markets and this tool provides them with a dashboard style reference of your audience, the size and demographics.


Your bio, image, live social feed and a snippet of your personality with a call to action are all here for any visitor to enjoy, engage and contact us should they see potential for a partnership with you.


It may seem simple yet so few do it well. We deliver an efficient and relevant ‘go-to’ list for your hashtags which is vital in building your desired audience and engagement.


We provide a dynamic and exciting short video clip ideal for sharing on your social media channels to announce the partnership, promote interest and encourage engagement from fans and brands alike.

Our Services

Workshop Series

Our workshop series is designed to arm the athlete with specific and up to date social media tools enabling them to not only maximise their community, exposure and personal brand, but also establish long-term corporate relationships creating a smoother transition post sporting career.

Whether the workshop is presented to an individual, small group, team or entire club we understand that time away from traditional training is precious. Thus, to cater for all budgets, schedules and levels of experience we have a single, two-part or three-part series.

We work to ensure that we can tailor the experience to the particular athlete or sport. This maximises engagement and relevance of not only our presentations, but also the social media toolkit and ongoing strategy that attendees take away from these sessions.

Team or group workshops are becoming increasingly popular as part of player welfare, which is precisely why Thinktank Scout is here. In team sports, we appreciate that locker room integrity can sometimes prevent an athlete from realising their unique and individual value as ‘no one player is bigger than the club’. That’s true of course, but by educating the entire group on the potentially massive benefits for a small investment of time we trust that those interested in pursuing things further will be seen as taking the right path.

Whichever option, athletes will walk away with a practical and easy to understand toolkit and increased social media knowledge that they will be able to use in building their community which in turn increases their marketability and value.

You can check out a potential agenda we have used for our three-part series here, then contact us below to discuss your specific workshop needs.

Our Services

Additional & Bespoke Services

Our focus is on the future of every one of our athlete clients. We appreciate that everyone is unique, at differing levels of social media acceptance and capability with goals and visions specific to the individual. In order to offer a complete and rounded service and maximum support, Thinktank Scout is able to deliver bespoke services including but not limited to the below.  So if it’s the creation of your personal website, some handy tips or tools of the trade, a new logo or showreel, or a full-blown social media strategy you need we can help.

Touch base with us and let’s talk through how we can best service you!







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